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  • Producers and composers that need a unique cinematic instrument for Film & TV scores and music projects !


  • Kontakt
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“This huge library contains 2,903 samples, with 59 different articulations and is divided into two main categories – “Bowed” & “Mallets”. ”


Our Water Harp library is a complete instrument collection built around a famously unconventional instrument that has been commonly heard in an endless number of horror soundtracks and experimental albums since the 1970s. Also commonly referred to as a “Waterphone”, the Water Harp is based on the original waterharp design invented by Richard Waters in the late 1960s.

There are a variety of styles available, each with various unique physical shape, structural and and tonal differences, but the basic design is a hollow metal chamber with a tall neck, ringed by a large number of long metal tines, bars or strips all pointing upward and cut to various lengths for different pitches. The chamber is designed to be filled with water, but sand, beads or other materials can all create interesting results as well. The instrument is played by bowing or striking the tines individually or in a glissando sweep, while tilting and turning the body to shift the water and create strange undulating, bending, warping pitches and harmonic modulations.

This huge library contains 2,903 samples, with 59 different articulations and is divided into two main categories – “Bowed” & “Mallets”. The Bowing section has viola bowing on the tines and body edges, with and without water in the chamber, creating ghostly warbling and growling sustains, sweeps, glissandos, stinger effects and staccatos. The Mallets section offers different types of hard and soft rubber, wood and metal percussion mallets, steel combs, bare hands and other contraptions, with the water chamber both full and empty.

The library also contains a variety of more experimental patches, including boiled water at four different temperature levels, hydrophone recordings (underwater microphones submerged inside the waterharp), magnets on outer surface, filling it with screws and other goodies and more.




We’ve been deeply interested in this instrument for years and finally gave ourselves the excuse and opportunity to capture it as fully as we could. We spent many long hours recording, editing and programming this metal beast, but at the end of it all, we feel it has been completely worthwhile. We set out to cover a huge range of articulations and playing methods, creating a huge high-quality collection at an unbeatable value.

We bowed it, slapped it, struck it with a wide range of mallets and tools, burned it, boiled it, rolled it, sing through it, recorded it with underwater microphones, filled it with metal screws and more.

This sample library pretty much covers just about every thinkable and unthinkable way you’d want to use/abuse a water harp. We can proudly state we sampled the living soul out of our Water Harp. All playable mallet programs contain between 5-10 velocity layers – and 6-10 round robin variations for maximum playability. In addition water harp contains a bonus set of waterharp ambiences, including a large collection of unique patches made by Steven Tavaglione (Instrumentalist and Sound Designer; Wall-E, American Beauty, CSI, Supernatural and 100s other movies/shows/games).

NKI Program Presets

This library is designed for the full retail version of Kontakt 3.5 or later. (Kontakt 4 and 5 supported)


Deep Sampled Articulations

Bowing (no water) Slow, Medium, Fast FX

Bowing sweep (water) Slow, Medium, Fast FX

Bowing 2-note legato

Bowing Sustain (with and without water)


Bowing FX grinding w/ tine buzz (with and without water)

Bowing FX w/ magnets

Bowing FX w/ hydrophone (underwater mic)

Bowing FX w/vocals

Bowing FX boiling at four different temperature levels

Mallet Rubber (6-7 velocity layers – 6 round robin) at +16 tines

Mallet Metal (6-7 velocity layers – 6 round robin) at +8 tines

Hand Played “Metal Tabla”
(10 velocity layers – 10 round robin) bottom and top

Wooden Mallet (6-7 velocity layers – 6 round robin) at +20 tines

Hydro Mallets (6 round robin) at +20 tines

Rubber, Metal and Wooden Mallet Sweeps (Slow, Medium, Fast)

Hydro-Vocal drones, phrases and more…

22 Ambient Patches by Steven Tavaglione (Ambient music on Wall-E, American Beauty etc)

Important Note:

Native Instruments Kontakt version 3.5 or 4 full retail version of Kontakt required to use all .nki instrument program presets included in this library. The free Kontakt “Player” does not support this library.

System Requirements:

Windows XP / Vista / 7. Intelmac and Mac OS 10.5 or higher. Runs stand-alone or as plug-in via VST, AU, RTAS (Pro Tools 7 & 8). Dual Core PCU, 2 GB System Ram, 7200 RPM 8MB Buffer SATA II hard drive recommended.



When ordering the Download Version you will be able to download the content of "Water Harp" directly to your computer: - This product contains 2 compressed multi-part rar files. To extract these multi-part rar files use a compatible extraction utility like Winrar (PC) or Rar Expander (Mac) to extract the .rar files for this library. Please make sure that all rar parts are fully downloaded before attempting extraction. - Use the rar utility to extract the first part of the library download file(s) to the location on your hard drive that you would like the library installed. All rar parts should automatically self-extract to that location and join together into a single directory for the library.

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