Future Loops - Cylindrum - Percussion Instrument for Kontak - Cinematic - Ambient - Percussion Multisamples
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  • Producers and composers looking for exotic drums and unconventional and custom percussion for their tracks, score and multimedia projects!


  • Kontakt
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“The “Cylindrum” is a massive custom built tuned percussion instrument. It operates using the principle of open and closed air column resonance. ”


The “Cylindrum” is a massive custom built tuned percussion instrument. It operates using the principle of open and closed air column resonance. 

The Cylindrum was designed and created using a series of mathematical investigations along with plenty of elbow grease and bloody fingers. 

The end result was a massive 20’ long handmade tuned percussion instrument with a pitch range spanning 4 octaves. Overall, it sounds like some kind of strange organic synthesizer morphed into a broad array of tuned tom-toms. It’s an experimental percussionists dream come true.

Our Cylindrum library contains three separate variations of the instrument (dry small, dry fat and wet). The small version is made from a series of 1-inch Schedule 40 PVC water pipes that were played by tapping fingers over one end, with a microphone positioned at the opposite end. 

The fat version was made from a series of 4-inch ABS corrugated plastic tubes with an open-ended rubber head played with a paddle. The wet version was a series of 3-inch ABS corrugated plastic tubes with felt mallets on a a 3/8″ thick rubber head, performed in our signature hall. 

It has resulted in complex overtones and a more percussive feel than the dry and light versions giving it a sort of tuned tom-tom sound. The 1″ light version was recorded in mono (24-bit / 48kHz) for a more focused sound, while the 4″ dry and 3″ wet versions were recorded in stereo (16-bit / 44.1kHz).

For version 2.0, we’ve improved key-mapping and overall playability, added a full set of brand new automatable performance, effect and arpeggiator controls, fixed a few minor bugs and refined the overall experience.



The dry fat articulation of the Cylindrum was played with a custom built paddle and close mic’d in a booth. The large 4″ diameter of the ABS piping resulted in a deep, fat sound while the paddle provided just the right amount of *thwack* for the attack. 

The dry fat articulation of the Cylindrum was deeply sampled at ten times round robin, between six and seven velocity layers and thirteen individual notes. Included as both a separate patch and as a foot pedal-controlled combo patch is a complete set of “muted” notes, where each note was struck and the paddle was held down closing off the end of the Cylindrum. 

This resulted in more of a percussive sound, while still retaining a brief amount of the note. This is perfect for accenting fast-playing styles or as an effect.

The dry small articulation was played on smaller 1″ pvc pipe with only finger tips, resulting in a much more gentle and synthy sound. The velocity-layering on this dynamic articulation was far deeper, averaging well over twenty velocity layers per note. Due to the staggering number of velocity layers, the round robin was kept to a minimal number of two while thirty separate notes were recorded.

The wet version used 3″ ABS pipe and was recorded in a large hall. Rather than an open end like the other two articulations, this one was recorded with a soft rubber cap on the playable end and struck with a standard mallet. This closed-column design resulted in fascinating overtones as the sound waves bounced back and forth inside the pipe. 

Having been recorded in a hall, this rich harmonic content lends itself very well to a more percussive side of the library while complementing the melodic articulations perfectly.


The included Convolution Reverb effect features 74 select custom impulse responses recorded from some of our favorite locations. Among those are also fx impulses which are more special effect than reverb.




Deep Sampled Articulations

4 Main Articulations:

  • Dry Fat (10x rr, 6-7 velocities)

  • Dry Small (2x rr, 20+ velocities)

  • Dry Fat Mute (10x rr, 1 velocities)

  • Wet (10x rr, 6-7 velocities)



NKI Program Presets

This library is designed for the full retail version of Kontakt 3.5 or later (Kontakt 4 is also supported). We’ve included 22 Kontakt 3.5/4-compatible nki programs, all featuring automatable attack, release, offset, swell, tuning, key-switching, EQ, convolution, and a full range of other effects controls. There are 6 main percussion patches, 6 ambient pad patches and 10 specially tuned effects patches.

Several presets also include our Uberpeggiator system, which allows both simple and complex free-form and rule-based arpeggiations and sequences.

All percussion and FX patches are tuned and spread from C-1 to C7 in Kontakt. All ambience patches are tuned and spread across the entire keyboard range in Kontakt.

The FX section provides 10 preset patches with specially dialed in effects to demonstrate the power of our custom controls, convolution reverb impulses and pre-loaded effects.

Included is a set of “Cylindrone” patches with multi-sampled ambient pad sounds created from cylindrum source material. They are programmed into 6 different preset patches with various effects and convolutions specially dialed in for each patch.

Important Note:

Native Instruments Kontakt version 3.5 or 4 full retail version of Kontakt required to use all .nki instrument program presets included in this library. The free Kontakt “Player” does not support this library.


When ordering the Download Version you will be able to download the content of "Cylindrum" directly to your computer: This product contains 1 compressed rar file. You can extract rar files with extract utilities such as WinRar (PC) or Rar Expander (Mac).

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