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  • Producers and composers looking for powerful and exotic bamboo percussion for their tracks , score and multimedia projects at a fantastic value for money!


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“Bamboo Stick Ensemble has been featured in the soundtracks of major motion pictures such as Avatar and Tron Legacy and serves as a powerful display of just how far you can take a simple non-traditional object like a bamboo pole. ”

TYPE : Percussion

CATEGORY : Cinematic

FORMAT : Kontakt


This classic scoring percussion workhorse captures the tight, powerful clack of long, heavy raw bamboo poles, played more as a weapon than as an instrument. We struck, clashed, bent, dragged, scraped, shattered, and pounded them into splinters, with solo and ensemble articulations.

Beyond just pure epic war percussion, the Bamboo Stick ensemble features haunting drones, screeches, roars and nightmarish horn-like wails that we produced by brutally grinding the resonant bamboo against stone.

Our Bamboo Stick Ensemble has been featured in the soundtracks of major motion pictures such as Avatar and Tron Legacy and serves as a powerful display of just how far you can take a simple non-traditional object like a bamboo pole.

To get just the right mix of power and edge, we took a number of high quality 8-foot x 2-inch diameter bamboo poles and sampled them meticulously in their natural state, as mighty epic percussion instruments. When striking and scraping a stone floor with them, the result is an interesting blend of aggressive slaps, clacks, screeches, drones and even howls.

We recorded this library in a favorite lush tile and stone recording hall, with the specific goal of achieving the most massive and powerful epic percussion hall sound we could get. True epic percussion can only be done in a natural hall. It simply can’t be faked.

For version 2.0, we painstakingly combed over all the instruments, improving key mapping, velocity layering and responsiveness, making the whole thing more playable, organic, flexible and musical. We also added a full set of brand new performance, effect and arpeggiator controls to make the whole experience that much better.


- The percussive impacts were produced by striking the bamboo poles against one another, often to the point of shattering. We recorded 10 round robin variations per velocity layer, with an average of 5 layers per note.

- The swooshes have a very rounded, whistling quality to them. They become tighter and more percussive as you move up their key range.

- The sustaining sounds were produced by dragging the end of the bamboo shafts against 6” square tile flooring in a large bright hall. The shafts were held almost vertically, with alternating soft and hard pressure as they were being dragged.

- The included Convolution Reverb effect features 115 select custom impulse responses recorded from some of our favorite locations. Among those are also fx impulses which are more special effect than reverb.

Deep Sampled Articulations

- Wet recording, Tile and Glass Hall
- All major type of ensemble hits/clacks/swooshes (4-8 velocities / 10 repetitions pr. velocity)/li>
- Stabs and FX, both high and low tones
- Long single-shot sustains and tremolos, both high and low tones
- Looping brassy sustains
- Looping warm pad sustains


NKI Program Presets

This library is designed for the full retail version of Kontakt 3.5 or later (Kontakt 4 is also supported). We’ve included 8 Kontakt 3.5/4-compatible nki programs, featuring automatable attack, release, offset, swell, tuning, key-switching, EQ, convolution, and a full range of other effects controls.

Important Note:

Native Instruments Kontakt full retail license required to use the .nki instrument program presets included in this library. The free Kontakt “Player” and special “Libraries” rack do not support this library.

System Requirements:

Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8. Intelmac and Mac OS 10.6 or higher. The full version of Kontakt can be run stand-alone or as plug-in via VST, AU, RTAS or AAX virtual instrument plugin. Multi-Core CPU, 3 GB System Ram, 7200 RPM or SSD SATA hard drive recommended. See specifications above for library disk space requirements.


When ordering the Download Version you will be able to download the content of "Bamboo Stick Ensemble" directly to your computer: This product contains 1 compressed rar file. You can extract rar files with extract utilities such as WinRar (PC) or Rar Expander (Mac).

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