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  • Producers, DJs and musicians looking for a pristine collection of live recorded Funk loops from various instruments. Ready to mix into groovy tracks!


  • Digital Performer, Akai MPC2500, Logic, Acid, Adobe Audition, Akai MPC1000, Akai MPC2000, Akai MPC4000, Cubase, Drumcore, FL Studio, Ableton Live, Nuendo, ProTools, Reason, SampleTank, Sonar, Transfuser, Kontakt, EXS24
€ 59.95

“The samples and loops in Funk Soul Sessions are organized into massive Construction Kits - all structured into Intro, Verse, Chorus, Bridge and so on.. Quick to browse , easy to access , intuitive to mix ! ”


Oh yeah ..Future Loops is bringing funky back ! Presenting the almighty Funk Soul Sessions collection , a funky wet dream for all the crate digging heads out there , a superbly recorded sample library bursting out some serious soul power ( WAV / REX )!

If you're a certified funkaholic that gets high on tight basslines that groove like there's no tomorrow and fresh drum breaks that make your body shake in places that have never been shaked before ;

If you can't help but shiver in delight when that chucking 9th chord smoothly plays or those legendary silky licks do their funky thing ;

If you instantly get down and boogie when you hear that waka-chikka-waka or when those big bad-ass horns go up & down , left & right ... then worry not : Funk Soul Sessions is here and ready to keep your funk cravings under control !

Inspired by Funk masters !

Inspired by masters of funk such as James Brown, The Meters, Dyke & The Blazers or Sly & The Family Stone, Funk Soul Sessions brings you all the elements you need to mix funk & soul tracks or to incorporate authentic royalty-free funk samples into your productions and features a wide range of kits , loop elements and instruments ( all recorded live and performed by true funk experts )!

Massive Construction Kits !

The samples and loops in Funk Soul Sessions are organized into massive Construction Kits - all structured into Intro, Verse, Chorus, Bridge and so on.. Quick to browse , easy to access , intuitive to mix !

Multiple Instruments & Funk Elements !

The list of instruments in the kits include Lead Guitar , Rhythm Guitar , Bass , Drums ( Full Drums , Fills & Multitracks ) , Percussion, Keys (Hammond, Rhodes, Clavinet ) , , Horns Section (Sax, Trombone & Trumpet)!

Take a peek inside Funk Soul Sessions :

*Bass Loops
Tight & groovy live recorded bass loops for each section of the track (intro, verse, chorus, etc)

- Stereo Mixed Drums for each section of the track (intro, bridge, verse, chorus, etc..)
- Stereo Mixed Fills
- Individual Multitrack Drums with multiple mics for total mixing control ( Snare Bottom, Snare Top, Kick In, Kick Out, Hats, Rides, Overhead)

*Guitar Loops
Includes Lead & Rhythm Guitars . Want to tweak the guitars with new sonic shapes and contours ? No problem , you'll have access to both the Amped & DI versions for all guitar loops !

*Horns Section:
-Stereo Mixed versions


*Percussion Loops
Bongos, Shakers, Cowbells & other delicious percussive elements !

Funk Soul Sessions is a must-have sonic resource for all the funky producers , composers , Dj's and beat makers with over 1600 samples : all prepared extra crispy , extra funkalicious and heavy on the groove sauce !

In a nutshell Funk Soul Sessions features :

  •     Over 3.5 GB of pure funky delight!
  •     More than 1600 samples !
  •     Massive construction kits organized with song sections
  •     Bass
  •     Guitars
  •     Rhodes
  •     Hammond
  •     Clavinet
  •     Brass Section
  •     Trombone
  •     Sax
  •     Trumpet
  •     Full Drums
  •     Drum Fills
  •     Multitracks
  •     Percussion
  •     WAV / REX
  •     100% Royalty-Free

Ready to Funkify your music ?


When ordering the Download Version you will be able to download the content of "Funk Soul Sessions" directly to your computer. We have divided it into 4 separate zip files : 2 zip files containing the samples/loops in WAV format, 1 zip file containing the loops in REX format and 1 zip file containing the loops in REX format prepared for Stylus RMX users.

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