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  • Producers and composers looking for powerful and epic percussion for their tracks , score and multimedia projects!


  • Kontakt
€ 154

“Featuring over 40 drums and more than a dozen cymbals of all shapes and sizes, with both ensemble and solo articulations and up to 3 independent microphone positions per articulation, this library is your total solution for epic percussion orchestration. ”


This massive collection represents the most powerful and comprehensive epic trailer and scoring percussion library we have ever recorded. Featuring over 40 drums and more than a dozen cymbals of all shapes and sizes, with both ensemble and solo articulations and up to 3 independent microphone positions per articulation, this library is your total solution for epic percussion orchestration.

Recorded in a naturally rich and lush spacious A-Frame hall using world class large-diaphragm microphones and pristine ultra-quiet recorders, we carefully mixed and mastered each sample to deliver explosive power, unmatched acoustic quality, wide dynamic range, and stunning life-like clarity and presence.



We at Soundiron are no strangers to epic percussion. Those who know our work are familiar with the passion, exacting precision and attention to detail we deliver. The Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble is the culmination of all of our years of experience, distilled into the most comprehensive and earth-shaking hall percussion package available anywhere on the market. We set out to build a monster that punched harder, rumbled deeper, cut through cleaner and could get the job done like no other.

We wanted a massive sound like no other, without compromising flexibility and user choice. We aimed for a sound that just works right out of the box, with all of the beef and none of the noise. What we got was above and beyond our wildest expectations. This monster gets it done!



We returned to our favorite hall in the Oakland foothills over a two week period, recording late into the night. With a truckload of drums at our disposal and every kind of stick, mallet and blunt instrument we could lay our hands on, we set to our brutal task. Once the blood and wood chips had cleared, we had captured an average of 12 round-robin variations per velocity layer and a broad range of stick and mallet positions for both solo and ensemble sets.

We then painstakingly programmed each instrument with multiple independent mic positions, allowing you to play each perspective independently, or blend them in real-time to just the perfect balance, using our custom mixing features. We also designed several powerful tools to allow you to personalize the library to your needs, with the ability to design your own custom divisi and full ensembles on the fly, with full control over mix, pan, tuning and more. These features allow you to use just the resources you need, while creating the perfect keyboard layout for your personal work-flow.

With standard attack, release, pitch shifting, tuning and offset controls in every instrument, you can dial in the sound you’re looking for, whether you need a massive bombastic hall sound, distant war drums, or a more intimate and nearly dry drum room feel. We also have easy dynamic shaping, to allow you to focus in just the softer or harder dynamic layers at any time. We’ve also included full 3 band EQs and FX filters with smooth control response, as well as our custom convolutions and integrated algorithmic reverb FX.

Our innovative Uberpeggiator takes it a step further and all of these features combine to open up a huge world of sonic possibility and flexibility. We’ve even included a fresh set of soundscapes, pads and ambient drones, sculpted from the library source material.


NKI Program Presets

This library is designed for the full retail version of Kontakt 4 (Kontakt 5 is also supported). There are 236 Kontakt 4 presets, all with a powerful custom user interface. Includes high-memory, DFD and low-memory “Lite” versions of each preset, for maximum flexibility and efficiency.




Ensemble Drums


Bass Drums





Frame Drums




Solo Drums

6 Snares

2 Bass Drums




2 Dhol Drums

4 Frame Drums

2 Floor Toms

2 Low Toms

2 High Toms

4 Rototoms

Plus bonus Snare Roll samples and Multi-Mic Mixer and Mic Free presets (including hi-mem, dfd and lite versions).


Controls and FX

Custom front panel controls, including all critical performance shaping parameters

New Multi-Layer Builder Utility allows custom key-range assignments and sample set loading on the fly

Our groundbreaking “Uberpeggiator” system

2 Fully Independent Microphone Positions for all instruments, with an added mid position for many of them.

Selectable and fully automatable Kontakt multi-effects including EQ and filters.

40 custom convolution IR samples, with fully automatable parameter control

Important Note:

Native Instruments Kontakt version 4 or 5 full retail version of Kontakt required to use the .nki instrument program presets included in this library. The free Kontakt “Player” does not support this library.

System Requirements:

Windows XP / Vista / 7. Intelmac and Mac OS 10.5 or higher. Runs stand-alone or as plug-in via VST, AU, RTAS (Pro Tools 7 & 8). Dual Core PCU, 2 GB System Ram, 7200 RPM 8MB Buffer SATA II hard drive recommended.



When ordering the Download Version you will be able to download the content of "Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble" directly to your computer: this product contains 8 compressed multi-part rar files. To extract these multi-part rar files use a compatible extraction utility like Winrar (PC) or Rar Expander (Mac) to extract the .rar files for this library. Please make sure that all rar parts are fully downloaded before attempting extraction. - Use the rar utility to extract the first part of the library download file(s) to the location on your hard drive that you would like the library installed. All rar parts should automatically self-extract to that location and join together into a single directory for the library.

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