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VIP Membership

  VIP Membership

*Beta Phase*

// What Is Future Loops VIP Membership ?

Future Loops VIP Membership is a 1 year subscription plan that offers amazing and exclusive discounts to joining members.

This membership was created for PRO users . power Producers and loyal Future Loops customers that have the need to constantly access an infinite pool of premium sample content and production tools at the best prices possible!

// What Do I Get By Subscribing ?

By becoming a VIP Member you will receive a massive 70% discount on every purchase you make.

// How Much Does It Cost ?

During this initial Beta Phase the subscription service will cost a low fee of only 149.95 EUR per year ( prices will go up after the Beta Phase so this is a great time to join! ).

// Do I Really Get 70% OFF On All Sales ?

Yes ! To become a Future Loops VIP Member you must pay an annual fee of 149.95 EUR. As long as your membership is active you will automatically receive a 70% discount on every single sale you make at

// Can Anyone Join ?

Yes , but Future Loops will only accept a very small number of VIP Members so the slots available will be limited ( available slots might be extended after this inital Beta Phase ).

// How Can I Become A VIP Member?

To become a VIP Member you must first submit your pre-enrolment by sending an email to :

All we need is your Name and Email and you will be added to our pre-enrolment list.

// Why Do I Have To Submit A Pre-Enrolment ?

You must first submit a pre-enrolment because there are very limited VIP Member slots available and we will only accept new members on specific dates that will only be announced to users on this list.

// What Happens After I Submit My Pre-Enrolment ?

We will add your email to our VIP list and notify you in advance of the next date our doors will open and new members will be accepted.

// What Happens When Future Loops VIP Membership Doors Open ?

When Future Loops VIP Membership doors open you will receive a link to a page where you can confirm your subscription by paying the 149.95 EUR entry fee. But please note that slots are limited so, if for example , only 50 slots are available that day , only the first 50 members to subscribe will be accepted.

// What If I Was Not Able To Confirm My Subscription That Day ?

Don´t worry , you can try next time ! We will still keep you on our VIP list and you might try again the next time Future Loops VIP Membership doors open!

* Future Loops VIP Membership subscription is valid for 365 days
*All Products included except Soundiron Series

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Our Artists & Producers
  • Haris C
    Cyprus / Trance
  • The Loops Of Fury
    London / Electro & Techno
  • Da Fresh
    France / Tech House & Techno
  • DJ Quest
    San Francisco / Turntablism
  • Consequence
    London / Drum & Bass
  • Zardonic
    Venezuela / Bass Music & EDM
  • Marcelo Salazar
    Brazil / Percussion
  • Stickybuds
    Canada / Funkmaster
  • Andrea Bertolini
    Italy / Progressive House
  • Distance
    London / Dubstep
  • Neil Perch Zion Train
    Germany / Dub
  • Beat Service
    Progressive Trance
  • Stewart Walker
  • Matteo Marini
    Italy / House Music
  • Rennie Pilgrem
    UK / Breaks
  • Zardonic
    Venezuela / Bass Music & EDM Powerhouse
  • Gai Barone
    Italy / Progressive
  • Mike Clark
    New York / Funk / Jazz
  • Jonas Steur
    Belgium / Progressive House
  • Alex Smoke